These are the voyages of the podcast Impact Files.   It’s continuing mission, to broadcast on new media channels of communication. To seek out new listeners, art lovers, and new ways of spreading the truth.  To boldly go where no environmental podcaster and artist has gone before……

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – THUD – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Reality has hit. This is the real world, where climate change already exists.  And that ship up there isn’t the Impact Files ship, it’s Serenity, from the Firefly Universe.

IMPACT FILES is a podcast that’s a continuation of Climate Files Radio, which was a climate change and environmental podcast I produced from 2008-2010 on a weekly basis.  Now things are different because climate change is more evident than it used to be, the scientific agreement is even stronger, and most people now accept climate change and several environmental impacts are happening. So the situation is more urgent than ever.

I’m spending more time on environmental art than on anything else these days. So now this podcast will be associated with my environmental and climate change art project called ART OF IMPACT.

To help fund the environmental art project, I’m changing how the podcast is delievered.  You can now support my podcast and art project via secure PayPal™ payments. This is completely voluntary.  As an artist, I get no salary now and I never got any payment for my podcast, and only asked for extremely rare special donations, like when I went to the Free Media conference in 2008.  Now, however, that is much more difficult for me. Now I am forced to ask for support for the podcast and the art project.

To support the Impact Files Podcast please use the button below. (Art of Impact has its own separate donation button) Your support is appreciated!


The purpose of this podcast and my environmental art project is to raise awareness of our impact on the environment and for the art project, to provide an online place where public education about climate change and environmental issues can happen on an on-going basis. See the Art of Impact website here.

I hope you get something out of the art project, the website and the Impact Files podcast. If you do, please spread the word!