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greenpoliticsPolitics are often unimportant but this year they are very important,because climate change continues to become worse, as do many other environmental problems. These are problems that politics and government can actually address. So, all you need to know about this years’s election in the US is this: Of the two major candidates, one believes in climate change and plans to do something about it. The other one thinks it’s a hoax and plans to do nothing about it. Vote accordingly. Don’t take a chance with something as important as our future and survivability on this planet, because we have to support the candidate who believes in science who can win.
As for climate change itself: We are past due for starting to stop climate change. What’s the hold up? Politics and money. The same two things that stop all good things from happening. Listen to James Hanson of Columbia University’s Earth Institute talk about preserving the planet for the next generation. Something we are not, repeat NOT, on track to doing. I think people think we’re making progress on climate change but in fact only tiny things have been done, and it’s not nearly enough. Listen to some of this recent article on our continued devotion to fossil fuels:
Why we’re addicted to Fatal Oil, even when Costlier than Solar: Read whole article here.

Of course, when people don’t know what to do about climate change, they do what they can. Some poeple do artwork, some people to music, some people do movies, some people do podcasts. But Lee Camp of the show Redacted Tonight interviewed Josh Fox, the guy who made the Gasland movies about fracking. His new movie is different and just debuted on HBO. Your mission is to watch the movie and get back to me with a review. You can call my Skype number*  to give the review or send it in using the contact form here.

The entire Lee Camp interview of Josh Fox can be found in his podcast, Moment of Clarity.

The entire James Hansen interview from June 2016 is here.

The first clip in this episode is Bill Maher on Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) See the movie “How to Let Go of the World & Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change ” by Josh Fox, also on HBO.

Download the podcast or listen here.

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