Art of Impact

Art of Impact is a non-profit environmental art gallery project. This video explains its purpose and goals. It’s a form of environmental activism through art.

Bill McKibben of wrote in his book, Fight Global Warming Now,

“The first assumption we made with Step It Up was that images would count most. Instead of one huge rally keyed on one amazing speaker whose words would pass into history, from the start we envisioned pictures streaming in from all over the country. That’s what we got, but their ability to get people involved and connected was something we had not fully imagined. It makes us think that visual art should be a part of as many activist visions as possible.” (p.101)

That’s what Art of Impact is, a project to assist in climate change and environmental activism, by providing images and visual art to open dialogue about these issues. Please visit for more information and how to support this project.

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