Broken Government

In one day we get a new president, after 8 long years of a presidency that started out bad and got worse until it descended into the depths of “net loss” for the U.S.   We would have done better with no president at all for the last eight years.   How bad was the Bush administration for America? This question is explored at the Center for Public Integrity’s website on a new project called Broken Government. It isn’t a comprehensive list of net-loss accomplishments, but that will be left to the authors of books for many decades to come.

This recording is a “mix-up” of Bill Buzenberg talking with Dr. Thomas E. Mann, governance studies senior fellow and W. Averell Harriman chair at the Brookings Institution, about the broken government. Luckily for us ( and the world) today is the day that President Obama takes over. The world rejoices, mostly.

Download it here or listen below.

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