EP 67 / Corporate Oil Terrorism

Gulf Stream Currents -- from NOAA

This episode was originally produced on May 3, 2010. The Gulf Oil spill is nothing short of catastrophic. It will take months to clean up the oil and that’s only possible if the oil stops gushing from the 3 mile-deep oil well leaks! There is a lot of blame to go around — first of all BP and the operators of the oil rig who tried to save money and not install adequate safety equipment. Also blame the Bush administration and Dick Cheney and their anti-environmental energy policy. Finally,  blame Halliburton because they did not install the safety checks that could have possibly prevented this horrendous leak. This is corporatist greed, forming our energy policy, taking what they want of our natural resources and leaving the environment decimated. It’s a form of terrorism. But even these entities are not the real culprit. The final blame should lie on the American people and our insatiable, endless taste for oil.

This episode of Climate Files contains some news on the spill, some background on past BP spills, an interview with one of the survivors of the oil rig explosion last month, and a clip of Mike Papantonio from the Mike Malloy radio show.

Skytruth is an activist blog that lobbies against offshore drilling. Their website is blog.skytruth.org

Just five months ago, SkyTruth’s President testified to Congress about the risks posed by offshore drilling. SkyTruth testified at a hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on November 19. You can read the entire testimony by John Amos here (pdf download). The general subject of the hearing was Federal stewardship of offshore oil and gas drilling in U.S. waters.

If anyone has any doubt who is determining our energy policy, watch this video from the Energy and Natural Resources hearing  last November 2009.  It’s clear that the American people are not the people Congress is representing on energy policy.  There was a similar blowout in Australia that was a bit smaller and still  took 10 weeks to control.

Ring of Fire’s website is here.

Two additional ProPublica.com stories about further leaks and more chemical spills is here.

BP Ready to Pay “Legitimate” Oil Spill Claims, says their ‘generous’ CEO. “BP is ready to pay all legitimate claims tied to the oil spill caused by the accident at its Gulf of Mexico undersea well, Chief Executive Tony Hayward told National Public Radio on Monday.” This is after they tried to get away with limiting all claims to $5,000!

The interview with the oil rig worker is from Drillingahead.com, a site that is not environmentally aware or sympathetic.

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