Ep 73 / Elections and Climate

In large part the midterm elections were bought and paid for by special interests, including the fossil fuel industries, Big Coal, Big Oil.  So, the outcome isn’t that unexpected, but it certainly makes for a dismal two-year political outlook for climate change legislation. Is this outcome going to sentence humanity to extinction, due to delays on climate change legislation, and less funding for renewable  energy and cleaner transportation?  Do we have a future?

If you are someone who trusts science more than religion and if you are someone who cares about things other than taxes, then this taking over of the U.S. Congress by anti-science right-wingers who care about nothing but taxes is a big setback.  The new leadership in Congress will be concerned with turning over much of the progress on renewable energy, EPA decisions, and all ideas on fighting global warming. Many Republicans don’t even believe climate change is happening.  And last but not least, hear part of a talk Gwynne Dyer gave about climate change this summer.  He’s the author of Climate Wars. Gwynne Dyer talks quite a bit about geoengineering.  He assumes it will happen to buy us some time, but it might not be easy . . .  Part 2 is below–directly below the podcast.

More than 190 nations agreed to ban geoengineering, but it’s already being studied around the world.

New Mexico Adopts Country’s Most Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Rules

UNFCCC COP16 is starting soon.  Here is the Mexican website for COP16, being held in Cancun this year. COP16 starts November 29th and runs through December 10th.

The GOP has already announced plans to attack the EPA and do other anti-science things.

Inaction on Climate Change Putting Decades of Human Progress at Risk

McGill Study Asks “Are We Adapting to Climate Change?”

Pentagon: “Climate change, energy security, and economic stability are inextricably linked”

Earth will take 100,000 years to recover from global warming

Only 47% of Republicans Think Global Warming Is Happening — If only denying its existence would make it go away.

Sixty-three percent of Americans believe that global warming is happening. Here is Yale Study.

Music at beginning: Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) by Massive Attack;  Music at end: Empieza a Amanecer by Ceci Bastida, Vote Latino (2008)

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