EP 71 / Charting a New Energy Course

What are we doing to our Oceans? photo by Shelly

This episode originally was released in January 2010.
In this episode: A talk by Philippe Cousteau and a realization by James Hansen. We need new renewable, clean energy and we need it now. Who is working on it? People at the state and local levels seem more aware of climate change, and more willing to deal with it, than the politicians in Washington. With a few exceptions, there is not much going on politically to take care of our biggest energy and environmental problem, which is climate change. President Obama even rejected a Jimmy Carter solar panel offered by Bill McKibben at the height of his road trip, to plead with Obama to get us off fossil fuels now and on to renewables.

Philippe Cousteau says:  “Time is running out for ourselves and future generations.”

What are we losing and how can we stop it?  The grandson of famous ocean pioneer Jacques Cousteau has a lot to say on this issue.  Featuring a talk at National Clean Energy Summit 3.0, from the keynote speaker, Philippe Cousteau of EarthEcho International.

What is wrong with natural gas?  A lot.  See this Green.blog New York Times article on a new fracking lawsuit.   New Lawsuit Filed in Fracking Country

See more video and audio from the National CleanEnergy Summit 3.0 here.

Climate scientist James Hansen:  He’s an Activist? You’ll hear his latest essay, about realizing he’s more than just a climate scientist.  (original here). It’s inspiring because we all need to be environmental and climate activists right now.  Climate change and the switch to renewable energy is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. It is incumbent upon us to leave this planet in better shape than we inherited it, and we’re not doing that, according to Philipe Cousteau, and I agree.  Our oceans are far too acidic already and getting worse every day.  Our climate is already destined to give us a 2-3 degree temperature rise, or worse. We have to act now.

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Song at end:  With You in My Head, UNKLE.

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