Ep 72 / Militarism and Climate Change

Burning oil in Iraq: War is terrible for the environment and climate

The U.S. military wants us to act now to stop climate change, and U.S. generals have signed letters to the President stating that.  Why don’t Republicans want that too?  Unlike the Defense Department, which acknowledges our changing climate, only 1 out of 20 Republican Senators even say that climate change exists.  The military is even acting to “green” (and/or greenwash) itself.

Politically, I strongly urge everyone to only support candidates that are committed to ending both wars and climate change.  These two topics are closely linked, and you will hear why in this episode of Climate Files.

52 Percent of Americans Flunk Climate 101

Americas Climate Choices

The newest report in the America’s Climate Choices group of studies, Advancing the Science of Climate change, was released this summer. The report examines how to best provide decision makers information on climate change. See the report page for more information.  Hear the announcement of the latest climate science in this episode.

Climate change is threatening America’s security.

$3.6 Billion in Economic Stimulus To Go To Greening the US Military

U.S. Military Bases around the world

Worldwide network of US Military Bases

Barry Sanders essay on Huffington Post

The Green Zone: The Military’s Addiction To Oil

Barry Sanders from an interview about his book, the Green Zone.

Sanders:  I won’t go as far as to say that the military rejoices in its participation in global warming. But I will say that I do think the real war is yet to come and it’s going to be over resources. When millions of Africans moving north are looking for water and looking for food we’re going to protect our own interests. We’re going to become much more singular than how we need to be in the world, which is communitarian. I know the military is aware of this because they’re meeting about it and they’re talking about it. I think they will welcome such a war because it will have full support from this country. I don’t think that it is far fetched. They’re planning for it now.

Project Censored — Underreported stories for 2011

#2 and #21 are directly related to the environment/climate change.

James Hansen:  download 2010 Summer Temperatures

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This episode was released originally on October 26, 2010.

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