Ep 76 / Reasons to Hope

Finally, a Climate Files episode you can dance to!  We might as well dance while the world burns, because global warming continues with no end in sight . . .

Obama’s most recent SOTU was, shall we say, vague on energy — and he didn’t even mention climate change. Is there really reason to hope? There may be, if we can possibly keep up with China in their renewable energy plans for 2011, which you can read about here. Also, China leapfrogs U.S. wind power industry. I wonder if the U.S. will bother trying to catch up to China.

Hear some analysis and some reactions to Obama’s energy proposals in this episode. More can be found here.

In news: Carol Browner is leaving as Obama’s energy and climate coordinator, and it’s not clear if anyone will fill her job.

BP says carbon pollution is a wake up call. So why do they continue to drill for oil?

Someone tell T. Boone Pickens’s army:  Natural gas is only 25% cleaner than burning coal, at best.  At the very least, the benefits of using natural gas have been overstated.  We cannot continue to depend on carbon or methane emitting fossil fuels for our energy.

And hear some great commentary on peak oil from Thom Hartmann, Bill McKibben, Noam Chomsky, and more.  The Nation has launched an excellent peak oil video series.
This podcast was originally broadcast on Jan. 28, 2011.

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