Ep 77 / Crude and Rude

The crude in this episode is the crude oil from Canadian tar sands, sent down to the U.S. in pipelines that are being corroded from the inside out. The rude is the jester of all climate deniers — The British clown “Lord” Christopher Monckton. He’s the go-to guy for climate science fantasy and denialism.

This episode contains information on the pipeline and a new report on the oil and pipeline dangers which you can download here. (Click on link for pdf download). Read more on it here.

And more here.

The report is a consensus effort of the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the National Wildlife Federation — and the nonprofit Pipeline Safety Trust.

Monckton is a professional climate change denier who uses junk science to make his points to audiences all over the western world so he can bask in the adulation of the fearful and paranoid.  His type of denier encourages fear of cap and trade and an imagined “one world government” that will result from cap and trade, which is truly ludicrous.  Cap and trade isn’t even being considered by the U.S. Senate anymore.  They are leaving all the heavy lifting up to the EPA for political reasons, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing at the moment.

The episode plays much of the audio of the BBC’s recent episode of “Meet the Climate Skeptics”.  It’s yet another debunking of Monckton’s efforts to turn science on its head, among many others.  The professor mentioned in the episode who has debunked all of Monckton’s pseudoscience mumbo jumbo is Prof. John Abraham,  and you can read that story here. I have mentioned him in this podcast before.  His actual debunking, page by page, can be found here.

Prof.  Abraham is from Minnesota, the same state that is already carrying two pipelines used for the Alberta tar sands operations.  One is for oil, the other is for dilution solvents for the super-thick crude from Canada.

“Lord” Monckton has not written a single peer-reviewed scientific paper on any topic. This podcast was originally broadcast on Feb. 25, 2011.

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