EP 59 / Wild Weather Wild Climate

The weather seems crazy everywhere, but what does that mean? 49 states in the U.S. got snow in the last week! It means climate change is happening right now and things are going to get much wilder. Find out how we know this and hear Todd Stern, U.S. climate envoy, talk about where the U.S. is going in dealing with climate change.

The Guardian on world-wide wild weather, article here.

Remember this?  From NOAA at the end of January: December Global Ocean Temperature Second Warmest on Record. Scientists reported the combined global land and ocean surface temperature was the eighth warmest on record for December.

In this episode you can hear excerpts from the Daily Show, the Rachel Maddow show, and the Thom Hartmann show.  The bottom line on our wild weather is that it is to be expected, due to a warmer ocean, and moisture and energy in the atmosphere.

But as a result of recent storms, the Utah legislature passed a resolution (HRJ012) which basically states the climate change in a conspiracy and efforts to stop it will bankrupt the nation!  Obviously this is not true, but science seems to be having a strange effect on some U.S. lawmakers.

As Scientific American says, “No single weather event proves or disproves the fundamental science of climate change, but extreme weather is what scientists expect from global warming.”

American Progress link to the whole Todd Stern presentation here.  He talks about U.S. climate policy and what happened at Copenhagen.  The new government climate change website is at Climate.gov and the EPA website where you can weigh in with the new Open Government Directive.

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