EP 61 / Question the EPA

I attended the EPA Townhall Meeting and asked a good question.   Everyone should question the EPA.   Mine was about that nasty Canadian tar sands oil and the pipeline that is spilling oil into the beautiful northern part of one of the Great Lakes states. The EPA must not care very much about that, because they wouldn’t answer a simple question: how does a dirty oil pipeline fit in with the new green economy being promoted in the Great Lakes states?  I like this EPA so much better than the last one, but it’s hard to believe it’s so easy to stump the EPA.

Also in this episode, what U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said about climate change deniers, and what President Obama said about energy and climate in his speech to the business roundtable in Washington DC.  Some headlines were covered too, including the exciting news about Bloom Energy, a new company making a revolutionary new type of stand-alone power station. It sounds almost too good to be true — fuel cells that run on oxygen and biomass? Yes, and it’s already being used by companies in Silicon Valley. Here is what I wrote about it on Futurism Now.

The Delta Institute website is here.

The EPA video page where you can watch the entire Townhall meeting from February 23rd is here.

News covered:

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Final song is by Galactic, “Heart of Steel feat. Irma Thomas” from the MPR song of the day podcast.

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