EP 64 / Al Gore’s Call to Action

Al Gore fills us in on facts and strategy to help our lawmakers to accomplish something useful on climate change, for a change.   We need to either change our legislators minds on global warming, or plan for the worst now.  Unfortunately, we probably can’t adapt to the 4 or more degree temperature rise in global average temperature  that seems inevitable.   What is the U.S. doing about it?  What they are doing is being done in secret to avoid advertising problems (This is how it is being described).  Senator  John Kerry and two other senators have shown industry leaders their 8-page draft bill on climate and energy.  We don’t get to see it, but it has been discussed and this episode lets you in on what is known about it so far.  Reportedly, it contains targets that are a bit lowered than the bill that passed in Congress, and more allowances for industry, energy, coal, natural gas and oil. From what I have read about it, it emphasizes jobs, but sounds like a planetary train-wreck on climate change.

The U.S. government is planning for adaptation and ‘resilience’ for the government — not necessarily for us.  Yet they won’t act decisively to stop carbon emissions.

On March 16, 2010, the Task Force released an Interim Progress Report which outlines the Task Force’s progress to date and recommends key components to include in a national strategy on climate change adaptation.

The Interim Progress Report is available for 60 days of public comment.  Submit comments here.

Al Gore spoke to supporters and the public in an open conference call on Monday, March 15th, in conjunction with Repower America.  Senator Sherrod Brown also spoke.  Hear Al Gore’s call to activist action in this episode, and find out what you can do to help push climate legislation in the U.S. along.  One suggestion he had is to write letters to Senators.  See more at Repower America. Write letters to your congressmen!

Finally, the last talk in this episode is an interview with Lester Brown, author of his newly revised book, Plan B 4.0. This is the premier Post Carbon Exchange interview, and they plan a series of these in the future. You can check out his book and read more at the Post Carbon Institute.

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