Dear Deniers – Climate Change is Fatal

Surveying the ice off of the coast of Barrow, Alaska during a surveillance flight. AL Grillo | AP file
Surveying the lack of ice off of the coast of Barrow, Alaska during a surveillance flight. AL Grillo | AP file

It’s astonishing, but climate change deniers are still a problem. Now that we are entering the 2016 US presidential season, the climate change denier claims will be amplified, as the politicians need to keep their corporate masters happy or the money doesn’t roll in.

We are probably now entering level 5 of climate change, on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 means it’s over and we’re dead.  We still have time to act, but less and less time every day. I was watching VICE the other night on HBO and they report the Antarctic is melting, sea ice is at its all-time low, it’s too late to stop it, and we need to to move everyone away from the coasts soon, like now. Scientists are afraid. The rest of us should be, too.

The climate change deniers say, it’s not happening. And if it is happening, not to worry. We’ll all adapt. That’s like saying nevermind about your husband’s Alzheimers – your husband will adapt! Yeah, he will … and then he’ll die. Because Alzheimers, like runaway climate change, is fatal. Climate change is already fatal, because it’s killing hundreds of thousands of people every year right now.

There are many alarming facts in this radio show from MPR’s Climate Cast.  It’s a look at the psychology of climate change denial. One of the most alarming claims in this podcast is this crazy theory: Supposedly, men have a problem accepting climate change as fact, because they want to avoid appearing feminine. The theory, put forth by a woman on this podcast, claims that men have a hard time getting alarmed by climate change because climate change “alarmists” are seen as “whiny” and being “whiny” is a “negative feminine attribute”.

Excuse me, but are you focking kidding me? I see government men on TV every day trembling in their shoes and shaking like a leaf about some non-existant terrorism threat to the US, but the people warning us about climate change are whiny?

Aside from that insanity, (if it’s even slightly true it makes me so, so sad to be part of the human race) this is a good recent climate podcast from Minnesota Public Radio, where they whine about climate change on a regular basis, and they’re not even all women.

I’m so sick of the excuses and BS surrounding the enormous problem that’s headed our way like a derailed train. If we don’t get off our asses pronto the whole whiny human race is dead and done with. Including all the goddam men, the loyal dogs, the cute cats, the farm animals, the beautiful wildlife, the bees, the birds and the butterflies. It will all be gone, unless the human race acts decisively. It’s that simple.

It does not seem right to me that one species on this planet gets to kill off everything into extinction, just because they have some kind of political loyalties, or some fear of appearing feminine.

Download the podcast here.


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