EP 103 / Profits Over the Planet

AP361078799289-638x425No matter what good idea someone has to help stop climate change, someone will ruin it with good old super capitalism. Like, carbon capture and storage. It’s now become “sell captured carbon to help with oil production” instead. No kidding. Fighting climate change by pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere makes sense, an expert committee says. Blocking the sun, not so much. Other news covered in this episode:

Methane emissions from natural gas industry higher than previously thought

A 23-year experiment finds surprising global warming impacts already underway (Guardian UK):

Inside Climate News stories everyone should read:
Futuregen’s demise, a Carbon Capture demise too.
Congress and the Pipeline they Love more than Life Itself

Hacking the Atmosphere won’t really happen soon.

The Chemical spill Federal loophole

Does your chocolate have lead or cadmium in it?

The World Can Live Better And Fight Climate Change, UK Report Says

Judge halts Transcanada’s American Land Theft !

EPA says Keystone XL is a terrible idea and will lead to more global warming

Rand Paul, Environmental Candidate?

Apple is doing something right –
Apple Invests $850 Million in Solar Power, Citing Climate Change
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