EP 85 / Climate Change in the North

ClimateChangeRoadShowwebIf you think we are immune to climate change in the north, think again.  The effects are already being felt in Minnesota and other northern locations, and will only increase as time goes on. This is affecting plants, animals, farming, and even house insurance.

A new report on climate change by NOAA was nearly ignored by the media and Joe Romm writes about it here. Climate change is the new normal.

This means independent media , public radio and public TV have to step up and the fill in the gap to educate the public about this, and they are.

Paul Huttner, chief meterologist of MPR, has taken his climate change presentation on the road,  and he brought it to my city this week. I recorded it and this podcast is his talk. Just for fun, there was even a climate change skeptic/denier in the audience, who asked a question about Al Gore, and “carbon cycles”.

Check out Huttner’s regular weather blog, the Updraft.  A few of the slides he used for his presentation are below.

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