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Hottest September On Record, Fastest Pacific Warming In 10,000 Years, Warmest Arctic In 120,000 Years
The headlines scream. Yet little is done by our government to address climate change other than EPA’s “adaptation plan“.  The corrupting influence of the Koch billionaires is stopping action on climate change and in fact doing the opposite — making it much worse.

GREENPEACE BLOCKS SUNCOR TARSANDS OPERATIONS IN FORT MCMURRAY, CANADAThe reason things don’t change: Politics, money and the people who value nothing but profits.

Who profits when people get cancer from the tar sands pollution? Rich people who don’t care about people’s lives, that’s who.  Who doesn’t care about oil spills from the Keystone Pipeline or any other pipeline?  The same insanely rich people. (Read the headline story here).

Authors of a 40-page report by the liberal think-tank International Forum on Globalization have concluded that the billionaire duo, David and Charles Koch, stand to make as much as $100 billion in profits from their holdings in the tar sands of Alberta if President Obama approves the Keystone XL pipeline. Kochcash is also a website with lots more on it.

ND Oil spill reporting, story here.

Coal Baron sues blogger for defamation! (Story here.)

Apple to build renewable energy Mac factory! Story here.

Seattle’s edible garden plan. Story here.

More news: Utah to host the first American tar sands operations.
Climate Change Report Predicts Warming Will Only Make Human Ills Worse

(AP) — Many of the ills of the modern world — starvation, poverty, flooding, heat waves, droughts, war and disease — are likely to worsen as the world warms from man-made climate change, a leaked draft of an international scientific report forecasts. The report uses the word “exacerbate” repeatedly to describe warming’s effect on poverty, lack of water, disease and even the causes of war.

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