EP 87 / War on Water

Algae-Big Stone Lake3The War on Water escalates. Our water sources are taking abuse from activities contaminating water with fracking, oil spills, oil leaks, pesticides, sulfur dioxide, and mercury from coal plants. Runoff from farms turns lakes and rivers green with toxic algae. Dead zones are increasing in oceans and the oceans themselves are getting so acidified there may soon be nothing left at the bottom of the food chain.

And Shell is trying to drill again in the Arctic despite past disasters.  What do we all do when the water is no longer drinkable and usable for anything but fracking? We can’t eat oil and gas.  Scientists now warn us of severe damage to our oceans.

Fracking victim is sued for defamation by company that poisoned his water.

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Mercury is now in most if not all lakes and rivers in the United States and probably worldwide due to coal burning. This is causing health problems in everyone who eats fish or uses lake and river water.  Check out the Beyond Coal campaign. How to get mercury out of your body? Try this doctor’s recommendations.

COP19 is currently underway in Poland, and here is the official site.

You can participate in the events at the U.S. Center by asking your questions on Twitter using #AskUSCenter. Events will be live-streamed at http://www.ustream.tv/uscenter and you can check out the latest schedule on the U.S Center Tumblr.  Who knows, maybe they will reach a binding agreement this year and stop our fossil fuel use and all countries will agree — but don’t count on it.

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