EP 88 / Home Sweet Home

yann-arthus-bertrand-home-movie-posterHome for the Holidays? It’s the holiday season and we are all thinking about food, friends, family and home, or at least one or two of those things.  But no matter where you are from, Earth is your real Home in this universe, and our home needs taking care of more than ever. In fact, our Home has become a fixer-upper and we need to do some repairs before it can be called safe to inhabit, with climate change and other environmental problems threatening our very existence.

This podcast covers the COP19 climate conference results, especially the Factsheet on COP19 decisions from Reuters, and a bit of the free environmental movie “Home” which ties everything together  a la  Zeitgeist.

Home is a beautiful movie to see, a full feature film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. With aerial footage from 54 countries, Home is a depiction of how the Earth’s problems and inhabitants are all interlinked. Nothing is “extra”. That’s why extinctions are so horrible.

Methane problems are increasing. Bombshell: U.S. is pumping 50% more methane into atmosphere than government reports

Only 90 companies world wide are responsible for most of the emissions causing climate change. Who are they? The usual suspects. Exxon, Shell, BP, Big Oil, Big Coal,  state-owned and government-run firms..  Read more here.

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A new glaring feature at this year’s climate conference was the corporate lobby, never before seen in this force at a climate conference. Believe it or not, people are going to try to profit big from climate change.  They also tried to disrupt the proceedings, surreptitiously. Read more here.

And if you are feeling blue, watch Dance for the Climate here.

(For better video search for 10,000 Dance for the Climate)

We are a miracle in the universe, only around about 200,000 years, and yet we have succeeded in upsetting the balance on this Earth.  We have created a world that runs on, depends on, could not function without oil.  Yet oil is a finite resource, the use of which is horrendously polluting our world. The jury is out on whether we will survive our bad decisions.

To see the entire movie Home, visit their website. You can also watch it on Youtube if you prefer. You can read the transcript of it as it plays on Youtube also.

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