EP 89 / Anti-Environment ALEC

Temperature change over past 11,300 years (in blue, via Science, 2013) plus projected warming this century on humanity’s current emissions path (in red, via recent literature).

The American Legislative Exchange Council, aka ALEC, is  un-American. It really doesn’t want to protect and defend Americans from environmental problems or climate change at all. In fact, it promotes coal and fossil fuels at the expense of solar panels, which it actively works against! Will Potter, author of Green is the New Red, and a reporter from the Guardian discuss.

You can see by this graphic how this is negatively affecting the livability of our planet.

Keystone XL Pipeline Prepares for Start-Up of Southern Leg on Jan. 22 

350 or Bust — According to Climate Progress and scientists, we are in for a world of trouble with climate.

Yet, deniers persist, and according to the latest IEA Report: Global Coal Use Predicted to Keep Growing

James Hansen’s recent paper: The paper ‘Assessing “Dangerous Climate Change”: Required Reduction of Carbon Emissions to Protect Young People, Future Generations and Nature’ is being published today in the leading open-access journal PLOS ONE. A 2-page paper summary + 4-page opinion (Hansen & Kharecha) re policy implications is available here.

When will they stop?  Dangerous Tar Sands May Soon Be Traversing The Country By Barge (over the formerly pristine Lake Superior)
Republicans want to tie Keystone XL to the debt limit  Shocking!

Canada’s U.S. Ambassador Sees Rail Growth as Answer to Keystone XL Pipeline Foes

The EPA plans to drastically reduce inspections at crucial time in climate fight

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