EP 90 / Crazy Jet Stream Crazy Water

assets-climatecentral-org-images-uploads-news-1_6_14_andrew_jetstreamviz-550x361What is causing this crazy winter weather? A wacky jet stream, that’s what. And it’s being caused by climate change.

If you drink water, this podcast concerns you. Our water supplies are being assaulted from every direction: continued use of coal, natural gas fracking, chemical spills, oil spills, coal ash spills and mountaintop removal. We need more protections for this vital liquid that literally keeps us alive. We don’t have to ask anyone for permission for water and we need to protect our rights to drink clean water. No one has the right to pollute our water. No one. It’s timeĀ  to stand up for our rights to clean water.

Hear why Obama’s Weak Enviro Agenda (as discussed in his State of the Union) isĀ  “Suicide for Humanity”.

West Virginia water continues to be potentially dangerous. Officials at a recent hearing refuse to say the water is safe to drink or even use.

The problems in WV continue with a coal slurry spill too. Who is protecting our water? Not the U.S. government; not the politicians. Now we have to worry about the Keystone XL Pipeline being approved, which will probably happen. Time for some Green answers and action.

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The blue water painting above is by Shelly; see more environmental art at Art of Impact.

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