EP 92 / The Science is Settled

Climate change science is settled.

ExpecttheUnexpectedweb2Climate change is happening, human activity is causing it, and it threatens the entire planet and all living things on it.  On this, climate scientists agree. There is no uncertainty. We must do something about it ASAP.

You may hear differently from special interest groups, but it’s time to stop beating around the drowned, flood-ravaged bush and face up to the truth.

Spread the podcast, spread the climate change science, and stop taking skeptics seriously. (They are often paid comedians, only scary and potentially dangerous, like clowns.) Included in the podcast are some ideas on how to talk to real climate deniers/skeptics you may know. There are also insights from the New Republic.

In a recent MPR show, Paul Huttner beats down myths about climate change that you will hear in this podcast. Huttner’s blog is The Updraft (about weather and its underlying science) and he also recommends Skeptical Science.

More news:
The Obama administration is proposing a record fine for thousands of water pollution violations by coal mine operators in five Appalachian states.

In an unprecedented move, the President’s Science Advisor, Dr. John P. Holdren, has published a devastating 6-page debunking of one of the country’s leading climate confusionists, Roger Pielke Jr. More here.

U.S. Solar Market Insight:
By the end of 2013 there were nearly 13 GW of solar installed in the U.S.–-enough to power nearly 2.2 million homes. Read about it here.

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Gratitude to MPR and the Peter B Collins show, from which some audio clips were used.

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