EP 93 / We Are Not Prepared for This

OffshoreRain_RoatanWEBThe climate change experiment is proceeding faster than ever and all living things are the test subjects. We are not prepared for what’s happening, much less what is to come, from our hotter climate. The IPCC working group released their climate change report recently and the news is devastating. No one will be exempt and there is no getting away from climate change that is planet-wide.

If we don’t do something about rising temps ….?  No one knows for sure what will happen but the best predictions show us living very difficult lives in a more hostile world.  The only way out will be for the super rich who can live in sealed, fortified mansions and stay indoors all the time.  For the rest of us, the 99%, there will be Food shortages, water shortages, more wars, more conflicts, and less freedom. Yes, climate change, if left to continue, will definitely threaten everyone’s freedom — everyone’s freedom to clean air, clean water, and adequate food. Yet some people we elected to political office, instead of being honored to be representing us, are instead trying to make our lives incredibly unpleasant and dangerous by stopping any action to stop climate change.

As for the rest of us who like to eat and drink to live, we will also find survival more difficult. And climate change is not just happening in the future, it’s happening now. The IPCC says we should take their report “seriously”, in their understated manner, and governments around the world should do just that. Stop the subsidies for carbon pollutors and it’s time to tax carbon!  Leave the coal and oil and natural gas in the ground. Let’s move on and use intelligent forms of energy.

The new IPCC climate change summary report can be found here.

Well that’s difficult, because as this podcast will tell you, the U.S. is a petro state.

Senator Bernie Sanders gets it right on taxing carbon.

More news:  EPA failed to disclose cancer risk of studies
House Dems to EPA: Investigate Fracking for water contamination
The U.N.’s climate chief called on the oil and gas industry to clean up their industry

North Dakota is becoming a radioactive waste site.

Public Energy Art Kit, something I didn’t mention but you should check out.

My painting in The Nation magazine is here.  Woot.

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