EP 94 / Climate Change Bigger than Ebola


We have 25 years or less  to decide whether we want to preserve a habitable world, because we are on a path to a non-habitable world in 80 years.

It won’t be Ebola or ISIS, it will be climate change that ends our ability to live on our own planet. On a hopeful note, there was a UN Climate Summit in September where nothing was decided for sure, but good suggestions were made. Read about it here.

There were 3 major take-aways, which this podcast outlines.

Leo DeCaprio says his piece at the summit, and so does a young woman from the Marshall Islands, which have been scheduled for annihilation by the Fossil Fuel Industry.

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) spells out why Climate change is a much bigger and more serious threat to the world than Ebola. The Pentagon agrees with their new report.

Impact Files is back now that your humble host is finally done moving to Georgia. Looking forward to this warmer climate here in Georgia, versus the one in Minnesota, (but not the warmer climate overall)!
The snippet of song you hear in the middle is by Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound

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