EP 95 / The System is the Problem

burnfatnotoilIn this episode, we focus on climate change and politics. Our capitalist system itself is to blame for not only climate change, but poverty. It’s time to get serious about the causes of climate change, the real root cause, and that is our economic and capitalist systems.

Author and activist Naomi Klein spoke about her new book, This Changes Everything, Capitalism & the Climate, in early October at Oxford. The book is incredibly important and so was her talk. This is part I, with part II to come. The talk was sponsored by COIN (Climate Outreach and Information Network). Here is their website.

In other news, midterm elections are coming up in the US in two weeks and I’m reminding everyone to vote and vote early and vote smart. We can’t let the right-wing extremists take over the Senate, or we will never get a price on carbon in the US, or any other big action on climate change — like a change in the system itself.

The Europeans have made a 40% emissions reduction target as of October 24th. This is great news, especially since our climate continues to warm unabated. September was the hottest month on record in 135 years of record keeping.

One thing that will help is getting off fossil fuels, and getting better mass transit systems in place in large cities and everywhere else. We need to break our addiction not only to fossil fuels, but to individual cars. We are all part of the problem, but like Naomi Klein says, we are not all equally to blame. This is why voting in November is so important! Corporations and governments should not be allowed to ruin the planet for all life, which is what is happening. A real climate movement can change this.

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