Ep 96 / BP is Doin’ It Again


BP is back at it – back exploring for more oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil companies just can’t help themselves, because even now, the profits are so high that where ever oil is, they will try to get it. According to a new report, there is still a huge amount of BP oil in the Gulf of Mexico, laying on the bottom, tons and tons of it, polluting life and landscape off the coast. BP is back at the scene of their previous crimes. That means more massive oil leaks are in the future. Why do politicians keep allowing oil companies to pollute and ruin our oceans when they know we need to move off fossil fuels as soon as possible?

IPCC is having a conference this week to come up with a reductions goal and a synthesis report. The first 10 minutes of the introduction are in this podcast but it’s all worth watching/listening to. ( Watch the entire talk here.)

Part II of Naomi Klein’s speech at Oxford about her new book is here too. You can listen to the entire speech and Q&A here.

We don’t have much time to stop climate change from getting worse. There is still time to stop the worst of it, but only barely. Our elections are important for this reason and others so vote in November if you are in the US, and vote for the future.

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