EP 97 / Midterm Impacts and IPCC Report

Fossil Fuel boom in ND
Fossil Fuel boom in ND

Midterm elections have landed with a thud in the US. The outcome could not be worse for the climate or the EPA or anyone who cares about the environment.

The IPCC has ended its synthesis report conference and released its startling conclusions. This podcast contains a bit of their final assessment and it’s a tough one to hear. We don’t have much time to turn this around.  What we all knew is now real — we are facing irreversible changes that will threaten everything on this earth. No one will escape these effects, not even the rich and powerful.

Listen to their entire report here.  (video) You can download the 5th assessment Summary report here.

Bill McKibben of 350.org explains what is at stake here.

Living on Earth explains a lot of the science of climate change for your science-ignorant friends.  For instance they explain why melting Arctic ice is going to lead to colder winters across North America.

One way we can fight climate change is city by city, county by county, state by state. If our federal government won’t make the decisions it needs to make, maybe we can take the fight(s) local. I’m not talking about “sustainable” shopping and community gardens; however feel-good that is, it’s not going to save our sorry asses from the worst effects of climate change. I’m talking about saying NO to coal. Saying NO to oil drilling, and saying NO to fracking. One Texas town just did that. Let’s see more of that!

We need to fight for our health and our ability to live and breath clean air on this planet, because few in our government will — not after the US  Midterms — that is clear.

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