EP 91 / Climate Change and Chemicals


Climate change is proceeding unstopped and unslowed as our oceans dangerously warm, and NASA and NOAA have released their data on the anomalies of how the changes are spread across the globe. They both found that 2013 was tied for fourth warmest year on record since 1880.

On Monday, February 24, climate change and emissions laws are going to the Supreme Court.

Chemicals in our water can’t be avoided… whether its drinking water, lakes and rivers, or rain. The Center for Public Integrity has found that fracking the shale in Texas is causing all kinds of health problems in people. Fracking is not safe or clean and neither is natural gas. Read more here. Politicians and know-nothing newscasters won’t tell you that, but Impact Files tells you the truth about this and other important environmental topics.

Finally, Secretary of State John Kerry is fed up with the deniers and compares them with dimwits who believe the earth is flat. An excerpt of his speech in Indonesia recently is included in this podcast.

Then some good news on the Keystone XL Pipeline. It’s not approved yet, and a judge doesn’t like it.

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