EP98 / Mann, Keystone and Oil Drunks

KeystoneXLPipelineWhat is the US Congress smoking? As soon as the Midterms are over, they are pushing the Keystone XL Pipeline down our throats. The Pipeline will add to global warming, encourage more horrible tar sands oil to pollute the world, and create a few temporary jobs.  The jobs won’t last, but the destruction from the tar sands oil and the pipeline will last for a very long time.

President Obama and Chinese President Xi made a carbon cutting emissions pact for the future. Both will be long gone when the hard work needs to be done. But it is a call for other countries to act. Greenpeace explains more.
Bill McKibben weighs in on it, with an email that I read.

Has the media failed us on climate change? See what the Climate Desk people have to say. Part of their remarks are in this podcast.

MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) has a new longer Climate Cast and you can read about it here. They interview climate scientist Michael Mann (infamous for his attacks by deniers for his “hockey stick” graph) in this episode. See all Climatecast shows in iTunes.

The Oil Devil in Ms. Mary

Talk show host/comedian Bill Maher has some frustrated comments about our Congress and the fact that so many right-wing extremists (the ones who now control our Congress) are science deniers. Especially climate change deniers. The clip of the show Real Time is from November 7th.

*There are a couple of F-bombs in this podcast and that’s OK, because it’s time to stop being polite when talking about environmental disasters. Climate change is going to be a fucking nightmare for everyone, and the US Congress is rolling out the red carpet for it. Congress is messed up beyond recognition lately.

Even the IPCC is warning us about it.

Senator Mary Landrieu, a supposed Democrat from Louisiana, is willing to sell her soul to the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Alberta Tar Sands and the lunatic greedy pig Koch Brothers to retain her Senate seat and her “power”. The BP oil spill wasn’t enough for her. She wants more oil disasters, and she will probably get them.  The Keystone XL Pipeline bill will be voted on as early as next Tuesday (November 18th).

Call your Senators — or your shrink. Will Obama veto the pipeline? The Democrats are sure to ram it through the Senate, and then it will be up to Pres. Obama.

At the end: “I’m Only Joking” by KONGOS

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