EP 101 / The Fate of The Species

RoundupEatingI hope you love glyphosates, because you are full of them. In fact, American kids might be getting autism because of all the Roundup in our environment.  In this episode of Impact Files, we look at news from the front lines of survival . As we say goodbye to 2014, and look to the future, it’s important to reflect on things that we know from revelations found out in 2014. The EPA is not doing nearly enough about pollution, super fund sites, pipeline safety, or coal, and now they just got themselves cut again.

“The $60 million cut in EPA’s budget, which builds on previous reductions, will bring the agency’s staffing to its lowest level since 1989. These funding cuts are not surprising, given that anti-regulatory forces in Congress have made clear their intent to use the budget process to block EPA’s work.

Unfortunately, EPA hasn’t received the support it needs, even from the Obama administration. The president’s FY 2015 request for EPA was almost $310 million below the agency’s FY 2014 budget, a cut of nearly four percent.”

This is terrible. And American companies like Monsanto don’t care if Americans are sickened and poisoned by their products. Tax evading corporations like Shell, Exxon and others don’t care if they destroy the earth and even all of humanity by pushing ahead with everything and anything that will lead to destruction climate chaos. Our politicians make and continue to plan to make more and more empty, non-binding promises having to do with cutting emissions, all the while pursuing policies that encourage the future burning of more fossil fuels, sealing our fates. And humanity won’t be evacuating Earth any time soon, since NASA is just now testing rockets to Mars. We are stuck here, on this increasingly warming and polluted life boat in space.

IslandsofSeattleIFThe link between the environment and our health continues to be researched, and the findings are sobering. Half of all children in the US might be autistic by 2025, thanks to Monsanto, according to a prominent scientist. There is a link between autism and toxins, but it’s not mercury, it’s Roundup. Do you use Roundup on your yard or anywhere near living beings? If you do, stop immediately.*

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And for the new year, let this be our resolution: Stop arguing with dumb people. Stop ‘debating’ climate change deniers. They are not worth our time. We should ignore them in 2015 and move on. Don’t waste time and energy any longer on discussing things with people who have closed minds. But by all means, continue to try and educate people who are open to facts and learning! A lot of people still genuinely do not know about the severity of climate change. Those are the people we need to focus on. Deniers, you are dead to us.
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2015.

“The chemical industry is a scourge on the earth. Humanity will look back on this time period (if it survives) and wonder how humans would be willing to eradicate their own species (and many others) in pursuit of an artificial entity, money” — Jody Holder’

Add “fossil fuel industry” after “chemical industry”.

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