Climate Files 16 / Peak Consequences

waterWater shortages, mountaintop removal, continued use of coal, and a watered down climate/energy bill. This is the current reality. My state, like some others, is in a drought in what is supposed to be the wettest month of the summer. Is this a possible result of climate change?

Peak oil and water shortages are only two of the problems we will face as climate change advances in the future. Another is what to do about energy and how to convince our leaders that we need to phase out the use of coal. And, we need to strengthen the Waxman-Markey (ACES) bill and we don’t have much time to do that.

In this episode you hear from GreenTV and Jim Hightower, a short excerpt from the documentary Blind Spot, directed, photographed and edited by Adolfo Doring. You will also hear from the new book that’s a collection of scientific essays called What’s Next? on climate change and where the human race will be moving when climate change starts making certain parts of the world uninhabitable.

Most of the speakers you will hear in the Blind Spot doc are PhDs, and you can see a list of them here.

From the movie cover:
“The world is saying, look, you have a choice, you can either fix it or I can fix it, and if I fix it you are not going to like it, because I’m going to throw everything away. And everything means most of us.” Derrick Jensen

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CALL CONGRESS and tell them to strengthen the American Clean Energy bill. Specifically, we are being told (by insiders): Ask your Congressman to urge Ways & Means to act and not to let the leadership rush the bill to the floor. . . . . the huge offsets are probably the most egregious in the parade of horribles — to the extent that you believe in “caps” the offsets destroy their integrity. But the giveaways to utilities are indefensible — households should get that money directly. [I totally agree with that]

Here is the main number for Congress – the Senate and House – in Washington, DC. — (202) 225-3121

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Addendum to FN16:

List of experts in the audio excerpt from Blind Spot in the order in which you hear them:

First speaker — Richard Heinberg, journalist and educator

2nd — Roscoe Bartlett, PhD and 7th term Rep. for Maryland

3rd — Albert Bartlett, PhD, Professor of Physics, U of Colorado Boulder

4th — Joseph Tainter, PhD, anthropologist, historian and author

5th — David Pimentel, PhD

6th — William R. Catton PdD, Prof. emeritus of sociology and author

7th — Max Fradd Wolff Economist, GPIA New School University

8th — Matt Savinar, Lawyer, Life After the Oil Crash

9th — Terry Tamminen, former head of the CA EPA, author, Lives Per Gallon

10th — Jason Bradford, PhD, evolutionary biologist

11th — William Catton, Professor, emeritus of sociology and author

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