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Ben Franklin discovers electricity
Ben Franklin discovers electricity

The economy and the environment, the stimulus package and energy. What do Congress and the new President have planned concerning all of these things, and how serious are they about climate change? There are a lot of indicators in the stimulus package.

This episode goes over a lot of what is in the stimulus bill and other things the Congress is doing about climate change now and has planned for later this year.

The stimulus bill has now passed the Senate. It now heads into conference committee for reconciliation. What’s in it for Green Energy?

Senate-passed stimulus package by the numbers provided by Scientists and Engineers for America

“Here we provide a breakdown of spending in the stimulus package that passed the Senate last night it includes a lot of money for science.”

Australia is suffering from horrible wild fires, caused in part by climate change.

“Scientists said Australia needed to prepare for more extreme weather events due to global warming, while the Greens and environmentalists said the fires and floods proved the government needed to toughen its targets to curb Greenhouse emissions.”

Earth Tech, and what’s been left out of the stimulus package from the House version.

Greenpeace commissioned report:
Carbon Footprint Analysis of Economic Recovery Package

Tech people are very happy about the stimulus package, read about it here.

What is a green job? It’s not necessarily a blue collar job. As you can see from the stimulus package, it can be just about in any field, doing a wide variety of things.

Hidden Tech Winners in Obama’s Green Stimulus Bill

Joe Romm is from ClimateProgress and he was interviewed by Earthbeat Radio, an excellent podcast.

See Spain’s highspeed trains here.

Song at end: TevakaOur Ocean

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