FN04 / The Smart Grid Part I — Low Carbon Economy

Tuesday morning (February 24) there was a very interesting event called the National Clean Energy Project Conference–Building the New Economy–Wired for Progress and we have the audio from it. This is part I.

howthegridismanagedwebThis conference was mainly about transmission of the smart grid that is to come, creating thousands of new jobs, and the low carbon economy that is being developed. This new low carbon emphasis will play a big part in moving America in the right direction, at last, and it’s also reworking our economy in the process, something that badly needs to be done. When climate and jobs are being realistically dealt within the U.S. we are going to have ourselves a different economy.

This episode includes a little news and then the conference. Speakers in part I of this include Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore (who will show up again in Part II) former President Bill Clinton, T. Boone Pickens, Van Jones, Byron Dorgan, and Ken Salazar and more.

“To allow a climate crisis to proceed unchecked will directly harm people’s lives and the prosperity of the global economy. Global warming presents the threat of lost agricultural productivity, drought and reduced supplies of fresh drinking water, the migration of environmental refugees (creating new global conflicts), and substantial economic damages and lost property for coastal communities. At the same time, our nation’s growing reliance on oil is a major national security concern. During the 1973 oil embargo orchestrated by the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries, the United States imported less than a third of its oil needs, yet constraints on supply at the time created economic, social, and foreign policy disruptions. Today, we import nearly 70 percent of our oil—at a cost of $478 billion dollars in 2008 alone—representing a major contribution to our national trade imbalance.”

And about the grid:

“An integrated, IT-enabled, national electrical grid is essential for improving security
and reliability, but it is especially critical for bringing higher percentages of renewable electricity into our energy mix due to the variable nature of many of these resources. New information technology like advanced metering infrastructure is also key to bringing advanced home appliances and end-use technologies on line to capture new efficiencies.”

There is quite a bit of information on the website for this event, including maps and pdfs and things to read, which you can download here: http://nationalcleanenergyproject.org/

and at American Progress
Download here.
The event was moderated by former U.S. Senator and UN Foundation President Timothy Wirth.

Part II will be found only on FuturismNow.com. It will include Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Robert Kennedy Jr., Owens-Corning CEO Michael Thaman, more of Al Gore and Bill Clinton, and more. Bill Clinton discusses decoupling and even Slumdog Millionaire in part II.

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