FN07 / Inaction is Not an Option

Bushfires in Australia
Bushfires in Australia

Societal transformation might be on the visible horizon. This episode contains highlights from last week’s Climate Congress in Copenhagen, and some speculation about geoengineering — will it be necessary and what will it include? The main finding from the Climate meeting was that governments have to act on climate change or drastic steps in the future will have to be taken, and they won’t be cheap.

“We have 100 months.” That is what Prince Charles said last week. We have less than 10 years to find a real sustainable solution to climate change. How bad is the climate crisis? The Amazon forest is about to burn up. The oceans are getting terribly acidic and we are on track to warm 4C or even more. That would be a nightmare scenario for life on earth. Even the lowest plants and creatures on the food chain are suffering from climate change, making everything on up affected also.

Cap and trade won’t be adequate to deal with emissions quickly enough, so James Hansen, climate scientist, proposes a cap and dividend system:

“The entire carbon tax should be returned to the public, with a monthly deposit to their
bank accounts, an equal share to each person (if no bank account provided, an annual
check – social security number must be provided). No bureaucracy is needed to figure
this out. If the initial carbon tax averages $1200 per person per year, $100 is deposited in
each account each month (Detail: perhaps limit to four shares per family, with child
shares being half-size, i.e., no marriage penalty but do not encourage population growth).”

Read the rest here (pdf).

This plan would work great if our government just had the political will to propose it and implement it. The infrastructure is already set up to handle this.

Geoengineering info: The Prospect Of Manipulating the Planet

ScienceInsider: DARPA is interested in geoengineering.

Chemtrails? Did somebody mention chemtrails?

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