FN08 — Earth the Sequel

fnwindpoweredblogwHighlights from the Discovery Channel’s presentation of Earth the Sequel, a “documentary” based on the book by Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn. I don’t agree with everything in this show, but it’s a good introduction to some real alternative energy sources that are being worked on and implemented today. Some of them are very good ideas. Others, not so much.

Biofuels are not something I think we should be pursuing unless we are burning waste, because often the biofuels come from sugar cane or waste planted on land where a forest or rainforest once stood. That works against fighting climate change, so it’s really not helping.

Cap and trade markets are discussed as though they would be a good thing, and they would not be a good thing, but they may be the only way Congress can sell emissions caps to the public. Pursuing renewable energy needs a boost for everyone because unfortunately, it has become a political issue. We have a uber-capitalistic culture and that thing itself is the cause of the climate change problem. Let’s see if we can restore some bravery in the U.S. Congress in the next two years. So far, their political will is very weak.

Otherwise it’s an interesting look, if a very capitalistic one, at where renewable energy is moving towards in the U.S. The book is better because it’s not so super-capitalistic and focuses more on climate change, but obviously this “documentary” is meant to sell these ideas to the public in general.

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