FN09 / The EPA Rules

coalplantemissionsThe EPA rules! Last Friday, April 17th, the EPA released a preliminary ruling on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions, at last. These greenhouse gases are pollutants, and they are harming human health, now and for future generations. Finally the U.S. has the opportunity to lead on something worthwhile again. We need to attack this problem aggressively, creating green jobs and a green economy, now that the Obama administration is taking steps to solve the climate crisis. Read the EPA finding here and download the 133 page explanation on this page, as well as instructions to submit comments.

A portion of an interview about cap and dividend is included, from Congressman Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat representing Maryland’s Eighth District, who was interviewed on Earthbeat Radio. Here are the bills discussed: H.R. 1862— Cap and Dividend Act of 2009 (Van Hollen’s bill) and H.R. 1337 — America’s Energy Security Trust Fund Act of 2009 (Larsen’s bill).

You will also hear from Friends of the Earth — Michelle Chan — on the subject of why cap and trade isn’t so great.

European cap and trade works, a little bit at least — they have cut emissions 4-5%, but that’s not enough.

Climate Change Congress — where you can find videos there of all three days of the conference, including a transcript of Sir Nicolas Stern’s speech that is played in this episode.

LA Times story — What will global warming look like? Look to Australia. They are seeing droughts, wildfires, and floods, just like what is starting in the U.S.

Cap and trade problems are abundant — From Counterpunch.org

The Stern Report — The Economics of Climate Change — can be found here.

Download this episode here.

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