FN10 / Window of Opportunity

3hurricanesWe have four years — but that’s not the number to remember. 350 is the number and now is our window of opportunity to deal with CO2 emissions. Republicans put out disinformation and Futurism Now tries to counteract it. Hear about Eco activism with Bill McKibben. He says the head IPCC scientist tells us we have about 4 years to get this solved and after that it will be too late. What are we waiting for, and what should be done? First of all, people have to get active.

This episode gets back to basics and includes a recent talk from Bill McKibben, environmental activist, and Co-founder and Director of 350.org. He wrote the first book about global warming–“The End of Nature.” His speech was given on April 09, 2009, and was titled, “350 The Most Important Number in the World”. Thanks for the media file to Active Ingredients Media.

Here’s one of those CO2 papers that Rep. Bachmann claims doesn’t exist:
Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim?
New Hansen letter discussed at Civilianism/Futurism.

1 Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme: Australia’s low pollution future, White Paper, downloaded from http://www.climatechange.gov.au/whitepaper/report/pubs/pdf/V100eExecutiveSummary.pdf.

You can read the rest of Hansen’s letter here. (download pdf)

Thomas L. Friedman, “Show Me the Ball,” The New York Times,

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