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fn11worldflagsThe road to Copenhagen continues with the U.S. State Department’s Major Economies forum, the world meeting on climate change, the last week in April. It was convened by President Obama. This episode plays the overview speech of Secretary Clinton at the beginning of the forum, and the televised interview with UN Secretary Yvo de Boer after the forum. Here’s a list of interesting articles related to and about the forum.

Major emitters talk, one viewpoint.

Draft climate proposals reveal split on new pact

Submissions to the UNFCC by individual countries.

The recent EPA endangerment finding

U.N.’s Top Climate Change Official: A New Willingness to Tackle Emissions

“Major developing countries like China are doing far more to address climate change than most Americans realize, the top climate change official at the United Nations said yesterday after a meeting in Washington of ministers from the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters.”

Secretary of State Clinton speech to the Major Economies climate change forum, including transcript.

Todd Stern Q&A about the Major Economies climate change forum:

MR. STERN: We had quite an extensive conversation about the whole subject of mitigation, and to include the question of midterm targets, to include the question of what the United States is talking about. So yes, those discussions came up. People expressed their views. We expressed our views. Some people agreed with us, some people pushed back with – on us, we pushed back on them. It was a good conversation. There were plenty of people there who – I mean, there were all different views represented, and it was, I think, again, a very constructive conversation. It’s very much what we wanted. We wanted to not be dodging things.

You know, in – on your second question, I guess I would say that I come out of this meeting, if anything, a bit more optimistic. I think that I don’t ever underplay the size of the challenge here, because it is really very – the size of the challenge in terms of getting an agreement. Remember, the issue for me is – an issue for us is always an agreement that you can get, that – a consensus – an agreement that – a deal that can reach – that can produce consensus internationally and it can also be approved back at home. And those are the two things that are very challenging, and they can – and they’re still challenging, but I would say that I walk away a bit more optimistic. It was a very good exchange today and yesterday.

Read the whole thing here

State Dept. Chairman’s summary of the forum.

More information on the Futurism Now Blog.

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