Climate Files 13 / Busta Myth

crystalballBusting the myths of the cost of changing energy and capping emissions. But is the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 cap and trade bill right for right now or is it a waste of time? I gaze into my cloudy crystal ball and find — the answer is not so clear. It’s tough to predict the future.

The cap and trade bill is rushing through Congress yet it provides huge giveaways for polluters and focuses an awful lot on coal funding and the myth of clean coal. Will carbon capture and sequestration ever work? Steven Chu is betting 2.4 billion that it will. Many scientists say it’s just not feasible. There is no such thing as clean coal!
Read about the new superfund lawyer here.

Disturbing news about the EPA approving 42 out of 48 permits for mountain top removal in Appalachia and their response, which is lame.

Two interviews are played in this episode; one with John Berger of Standard Renewable Energy, and the other with Björn Stigson, president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, during the Energy Efficiency Global Forum. You can find more news and interviews at E&ETV. You will also hear from Kevin Knoblach, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

There are a lot of myths about what is happening in the rest of the world — one myth is that the EU’s emissions trading is not working and it is (reportedly) working. And yes, China is doing a lot on climate change. China is in the process of greening up their country, and spending a lot on doing it too.  Spending more than the U.S. in fact.  China and India should not be used as an excuse for the U.S. to not act aggressively on climate change!

Various news stories on the climate bill that might be of interest.  An analysis of the cap and trade bill from the Wall Street Journal article that I discussed is here:  “Panel Adds Free Permits to CO2 Bill

This cap and trade bill does not go far enough on emissions and it makes too many allowances, especially for coal.  Why? The top 3-takers of coal money, are Democrats — Dingell, Boucher, & Hoyer.  Follow the coal money.

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