Climate Files 14 / Nuclear Power Potential

fn14cop15web2This episode presents four scientists and environmentalists making the case for the use of nuclear power.

It’s believed by some people that environmentalists should be against nuclear power — I completely disagree. We are trying to find ways to solve and stop climate change, not fight the possibilities and the ideas for doing that.   Nuclear power has improved a lot since the 1970’s, and it’s a strong source of nearly CO2-free power.  Nuclear energy is not a political issue, it’s just a form of energy, and for the near future at least,  a necessary one. There are many environmentalists who are for the development of new nuclear power,  Generation IV or IFR — Integral Fast Reactors. This episode discusses nuclear power, why it may be necessary, why new power plants are safer, and why it might be a good source of heavy-duty power for many years to come.

Read chapter 4 on nuclear power from the new book  Prescription for the Planet, — “Newclear Power” —  by downloading it here.  Author Tom Blees has generously decided to put this chapter (pg 117 — 139) on the web to allow a more rapid dissemination of the basic facts about IFR to everyone you know (family, friends, fellow environmentalists, politicians, the media) — so please do pass on the link:

Also visit the site for the book and download chapter 1.  This notification came from a very good spot online for energy information:  Brave New Climate.

More on the The Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) project  here.

Also interesting: George Monbiot does not reject nuclear power. Neither does climate scientist James Hansen, or UK scientist James Lovelock. Neither does Energy Secretary Steven Chu. If nuclear will be a necessary power source for the future, when can we start building them?

Nuclear Energy Must Power Our Future — an Intelligence Squared debate, and two viewpoints on nuclear energy are in this episode.

The graphic for this episode is from the COP15 logo. You can sign up and submit your thoughts to the UN’s “Climate Thoughts”. A very cool globe of thoughts from all over the world.

Music: Afro Celt Sound System “Dark Moon, High Tide”

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