Climate Files 15 / Time for Pressure

fn15mountainForums, conferences, and the EPA — what’s going on? This episode lets you in on what is happening in Bonn, the World Humanitarian forum, and what came out of Paris.

The World Environment Day is only a couple of days away, it’s on Friday, June 5th. Read up about some of the events that will take place around the world.

A good Daily Kos story on mountaintop removal is here.

“Climate change is here. It has a human face. This report details the nevertheless silent crisis occurring around the world today as a result of global climate change. . . . . . Climate change is a serious threat to over half of the world’s population. Half   a billion people are at extreme risk. Worst affected are the world’s poorest groups, who lack any   responsibility for causing climate change.”

— Report, The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis (link below)

Think China isn’t doing enough?  “Greenhouse gas emissions are rising because consumption is rising. Unless we address this, we cannot prevent climate breakdown. It doesn’t matter where production takes place: the problem is that we are consuming too much.” — the Guardian

will be airing on June 2nd, 2009 from 9-11 pm on ABC. Also, watch The Daily Show from Monday night to see Bob Woodruff talk about Earth2100. Hope everyone enjoys the show — I’ll be reviewing it on my Futurism Now news site.


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Climate Change is already responsible for 300,000 deaths a year. You can find the Global Humanitarian report, Anatomy of a Silent Crisis, (pdf) and download it on this page.

See information on the Bonn Climate talks here. They are ongoing until June 12.

NASF and others urge Congress to consider forest biomass in energy legislation.  Read more here.


Here is the main number for Congress – the Senate and House – in Washington, DC. 202 225-3121

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