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Mountaintop Removal
Mountaintop Removal

With this episode you are beginning Climatology ‘classes’ here at Futurism Now University.  Along with politics, upcoming episodes will also deal with the cold, hard scientific facts of climate change. It’s important that people know why strong climate legislation is important.

We have about two weeks to strengthen the Waxman-Markey bill (aka the American clean energy bill or ACES) so please call your Congressman. There is also a Fax and letter campaign through CCAN.

Sign here (takes you to the CCAN website) to strengthen the current climate bill!

Mountaintop removal, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental degradation all keep happening because there is no huge public outcry. You can’t have a public outcry if the public doesn’t know what is happening. And the denial movement is still going strong, thanks to the huge disinformation campaign funded by big energy corporations and lobbyists. That’s where this podcast, and everyone listening comes in. We need to make a climate change movement happen that is bigger and more powerful than the oil and coal lobby. Bigger than the disinformation campaign. We need to be armed with facts. It will support the growing climate movement that’s already been started. Bill McKibben discusses that here: Can save the world?

How bad is our climate crisis? You will find information on that in this episode. From the University of San Diego, today’s science talk is called, “Climate Change and Roles for Scientists”. Don’t be intimidated, it’s presented so that everyone can understand it with minimal science lingo.

The speaker is Ralph Cicerone, President of the National Academy of Sciences. He outlines the challenges of climate change and the roles that science and scientists must play in meeting them. Thanks to UCTV for the audio of the speech.

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