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Dr.LovelockwarnsEnjoy your life while you can, because nothing we are doing right now will likely stop climate change in time. That is the terrifying message from Sir James Lovelock, UK scientist and inventor. Global heating will proceed. All Congress does is pass a cap and trade bill which won’t even cut emissions until about 2040.  The bottom line is that climate change is coming and we will have to possibly move and definitely try to adapt.

In mid-June Lovelock spoke to the Seattle Town Hall. James Lovelock discussed adaptation, consequences of human activity, and how much time we have left of the lives we recognize as “normal”. The Congress thinks cap and trade is the way to fix climate change, and this wrong belief means we have no choice but to adapt — or die. Changes are coming, ready or not.

Dr. James Lovelock Warns the World!

“Our main task, should the earth continue to heat, is to adapt and learn how to survive,” he said. “We’re unlikely to become extinct by global heating, but we may be cut back to one billion people or less.”  British naturalist Dr. James Lovelock has some strong words for the world. The futurist warns that the Earth is a living organism that is undergoing massive changes.

He believes the Earth is sick and in order to heal itself it may need to get rid of a few billion people.”

Some will be terrified by what he and other scientists are observing as the Earth gets remarkably warmer but Dr. Lovelock sees opportunity for people to decide to live in more hospitable place. But in order to do that, people have to get used to the idea that things in the future won’t be as they are now. The “American way of life” — shopping, consumerism and waste — is fast coming to a close. Yet Lovelock does not feel that it’s ‘too late’ to reduce the effects of climate change.

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Photo: Dr. James Lovelock, Town Hall Seattle, by Michael Bradbury

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