Climate Files 21 / Greening Suzuki

David Suzuki
David Suzuki

David Suzuki talks at Greening the Heartland in Detroit. Also, this Futurism Now podcast contains news and info from people trying to kick the Senate in the pants on climate change.

There was a Mountain Top Removal protest last week at Marsh Fork Elementary School at Coal Mountain West Virginia, attended by some very well known people including Dr. James Hansen, NASA climate scientist, and actress and environmental activist Darryl Hannah. Hannah wrote an article for the Huffington Post about why she deliberately got arrested with several others at Coal Mountain, making a statement about the Marsh Fork elementary school there which is threatened by 2.8 billion gallons of coal sludge which is in a holding pond above the school. Listen here and read her story at the Huffington Post.

More on mountaintop removal next time. To take action, visit and

Autism and coal burning link — Study Says Autism Linked To Coal Power Plants

Arctic Sea Ice is at Lowest Point in 800 Years

Canada and Russia, the new Bad Boys of Oil, are making the least progress in cutting carbon- dioxide emissions among the major economies, a new study shows.

Check out The Nature of Things, the show that David Suzuki created in Canada at the CBC.

David Suzuki is presented with audio from the Greening the Heartland conference.

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