Climate Files 22 /A Crime in the Mountains

FloodingMasseyThis episode contains information on the G8, the Senate delay on the climate bill, T. Boone Pickens, and the coal related crime of mountain top removal.

What happened at the G8 summit, why is T. Boone Pickens giving up on the world’s biggest wind farm in Texas, and what happened to the climate bill in the Senate? The summit ended with a tepid agreement and no practical way to get there. Even UN chief Ban ki-Moon said the G8 didn’t do enough to find answers to the worsening global climate changes. “The policies that they have stated so far are not enough,” Reuters quoted Ban as saying in Italy on Thursday. “This is politically and morally (an) imperative and historic responsibility… for the future of humanity, even for the future of the planet Earth.” That pretty much sums it up. Then Canada announced it can’t do much to fight climate change due to their extreme cold weather. (Bloomberg)

It’s also cold in Sweden! See a video on their passive houses here.

Info. on the July 13th Carbon Pricing Meeting is here.

There is new legislation against Halliburton and the fracturing they do to get natural gas, to protect drinking water. The story is here.

Sign the RAN petition to tell JPMorgan Chase to stop funding mountain top removal!.

Maria Gunnoe, winner of the 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize, speaks with media about her testimony. Photo by Jamie Goodman
Maria Gunnoe, winner of the 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize, speaks with media about her testimony. Photo by Jamie Goodman

Read the Memo of Understanding about Mountain top Removal between the Army Corp of Engineers and the Government here (pdf download).

Then there is the matter of coal. We have to get off coal anyway, so why are they doing permanent damage to the mountains of several states by blowing off the tops and killing the streams below? It’s like politicians are trying really hard to kill off any possibility of future tourism and business in these states; not to mention kill off wildlife, destroy entire ecosystems, make the water toxic, etc. Mountain top removal is the most destructive and toxic mining practice every invented, and it destroys jobs, it doesn’t create them. Testimony in the Senate the last week in June included Maria Gunnoe.

I didn’t discuss James Hansen’s new article like I had intended, but you can read his latest article about the climate bill here.

Photo at top: Flooding in the community of Lyburn, which was caused as a direct result of the mountain-top removal process of valley fill, and Massey Energy’s Bandmill Coal Company’s failure to keep their sediment pond cleaned out, which they were written up for by the West Virginia EPA. From a video by Bob Gates.

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