Climate Files 23 / Solutions, Malaise or Collapse

Temple of the Skulls, Chichen Itza, photo by ShellyT
Temple of the Skulls, Chichen Itza, photo by ShellyT

Could climate change lead to the end of civilization, a real collapse, like what happened to the Romans, the Aztecs, the Mayans? It’s not inconceivable.

Today I have Part 1 of the Senate hearings on climate legislation from the Environment and Public Works committee.  The initial hearing has taken on new meaning, because since this happened in early July there has been a delay, and the vote and hearings have been put off. They have put off the vote until probably September, though behind closed doors deliberations probably continue, and public debate begins again in August. This means we might not have a climate bill by the time of the Copenhagen meeting in December.  According to some people, we might be in a better bargaining position if we don’t.

Giving the Senate more time to work on this bill could be a good thing if we can get them to consider other methods of reducing greenhouse emissions, like a revenue-neutral carbon tax, something that has my full support.  In fact, many environmental groups are coming out for a revenue-neutral carbon tax versus a cap and trade system.

You can read more about the revenue neutral carbon tax at

So what do you think, will our excuse for civilization collapse or will we find a solution for climate change?  Here’s the article from the Independent.

Climate Scientist Jim Hansen’s new paper:   Strategies to Address Global Warming

30 years ago we had a president, Jimmy Carter, who leveled with the American people, actually told them the truth and wasn’t afraid to talk to the American public as adults who think in more than sound bites.   He told us we needed to conserve energy and even change our way of life to make it more sustainable.   We need honest leadership like that again from President Obama on the issue of climate change.  Obama is forceful on health care, which is great, but we need him on climate change. He seems to be leaving the issue to Congress and that’s not turning out so well.

Two recent articles about Jimmy Carter’s energy speech from 1979:
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