Climate Files 25 / Everyone Can Fight Climate Change

FN25glacier-juneau2webWe are not powerless when we are armed with the facts! This episode contains the real serious truth about climate change but also some interesting tips on how to talk about it with the facts on your side. Obviously, the American public needs to be made more aware of climate change and global heating and the problems we will be facing in the future. But the public also needs to hear us discuss it more and anyone and everyone can talk about it.

Sharon Begley is Newsweek’s science editor, and she lays out the truth. The Newsweek article, if you want to read it after listening to it, is here.

Climate change is happening now and it’s for everyone to find out what they can do about and why they should.   Everyone can do their part, and it will have a real impact.

Interviewed by Focus 580 from the University of Illinois in this episode is Susanne Moser, a geographer, author and researcher from Santa Cruz. She discusses how to communicate about climate change, the “deniers” problem, what government can do, what we all can do, and the facts of the science.

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Music:  Middle song:, “Take Our Planet Back” and end song, Jack Johnson, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.

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