Climate Files 26 / The Ugliest Resource

Alberta Tar Sands
Alberta Tar Sands

The tar sands of Canada are the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet so far and they are invested in by T. Boone Pickens. So — why is he a part of developing our new renewable clean energy plans?

Over the last several years Mr. Pickens has acquired a reputation as a green energy promoter, a man behind renewable energy, or at least clean energy. What I found out recently is quite the opposite. He actually invests in companies such as Massey Energy and Suncor, which is responsible for oil from the Alberta tar sands, the ugliest, dirtiest oil on the planet. He also invests in numerous oil and gas companies and is actively exploring for more oil. Does that sound like green renewable energy?

Neither does his natural gas, which adds to our greenhouse gas emissions,  from the drilling process through burning it. Then there is the horrible tar sands in Canada, coming to us through various pipelines, including the Alberta Clipper pipeline.  You can also read about the pipelines from the tar sands and still send a message to the State Dept. here.

This episode includes clips of Boone Pickens, and Al Gore from the National Clean Energy Summit,  and from last year’s Netroots conference. Also clips from Current, a production of CBC, and Macdonald Stainsby, of Oil Sands Truth.

AlbertaClipperRoute_MPRHere is a small graphic of the pipeline from the Tar Sands in Alberta.

Click here to download Climate Terrorism, the Tar Sands (pdf).

Here are a few more websites where you can read about the Canada tar sands.

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Music: We are All Made of Stars, by Moby and in the intro by Ed Alleyne-Johnson.

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