Climate Files 28 / Climate Engineering & Hazy Air

HazyairinForestwebThe very air we breathe is causing us health problems.  Aerosols and other things in our air are still making us sick.  The military might be putting something in it, to fight climate change, or for reasons much worse. What’s in the air? Whatever it is, it’s killing people.  Chem trails, global dimming,  global hazing and pollution are quite dangerous to our health.  The air we breath even contains microscopic plastic, which enters our bloodstreams.   Apparently, the military is adding things to the atmosphere, but we don’t know why.  And then there’s climate change.  . . . . and the problem with the media not covering it.  And to top it off, we all have to deal with climate change skeptics and deniers.

It’s almost too much to handle, but we have to act before it’s too late. Copenhagen is coming up fast!

Studies are homing in on which particles polluting the air are most sickening — and why, from Science News.

Global dimming is explained here.

Our Last Chance to Preserve Life on Earth is here.

Glaciers are disappearing fast — The Sermilik fjord in Greenland: a chilling view of a warming world.

Glaciers are now melting so fast in Greenland that their movement can be seen with the naked eye.

Most of this episode is a recording of a radio show about Climate Engineering, with clips from the documentary, from Pacifica’s WBAI radio in New York.  It’s also about militarization of weather, chem trails and what it is that we are breathing, and how bad for us it?

“Weather as a force multiplier — Owning the weather in 2025”  is strange, but true, and you can find the Website here.

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Here is the NY Skywatch website with more information about the Climate Engineering DVD and the 2-part chem trails show from WBAI radio.

Music from Moby and Defying Gravity on ABC.

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