Climate Files 29 / Averting Catastrophe

ParchedEarthwebWill the U.S. avert climate catastrophe in time?  Are we really even trying?

Last Thursday, September 17th, the American Security Project came up with a report, the Climate Security Index.   You can download the report here.

It almost sounds like members of the Senate are planning to not act to slow down climate change,  so that things will get dire and then they can start more wars, making the U.S. a world leader again, with  a military response to climate change.   It sounds like PNAC all over again.  We know they have already started optional wars for oil using any excuse available, so what’s to stop them from continuing the practice?  Relying on a new as-yet not-invented energy source to solve climate change is foolish, but that’s what Senator Kerry recommends.   There is so much we can do right now to slow down climate change, it’s wrong for them to sound resigned to failure.

Doctors: Act Now or Health Consequences of Climate Change Will Be Catastrophic.  The heads of 18 major physician groups from around the world are calling on doctors today to take an immediate, vocal stand for climate action to avoid a global health catastrophe.

A recent investigative article about water pollution is causing some major waves.   Almost four decades after Congress passed the Clean Water Act, the rate of water pollution violations is rising steadily. In the past five years, companies and workplaces have violated pollution laws more than 500,000 times. But the vast majority of polluters have escaped punishment.

The White House rolled out details of fuel economy, and emissions standards on Tuesday September 15th

Obama will speak at the U.N. special session on global warming on September 22; Todd Stern testifies “Nothing the U.S. can do is more important for the international negotiation process than passing robust, comprehensive clean energy legislation as soon as possible…. President Obama and the Secretary of State, along with our entire Administration, are committed to action on this issue.”  An excerpt of Todd Stern’s testimony is included in this episode.

According to Reuters, Australia is now the #1 emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

From the Guardian:
US planning to weaken Copenhagen climate deal, Europe warns

And finally  —  the climate change documentary, the Age of Stupid is opening next week world wide!  You can buy your tickets online for September 21st or 22nd. Don’t miss this bona fide event.   Check out their website at Age of

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